Three things you need to ask a contractor about remodeling dust

Construction dust is the No. 1 nuisance issue during remodeling projects for the contractor and homeowner.  

During a remodeling project, the dust starts flying immediately and doesn’t stop.  

The demolition process produces countless pieces and particles of cement, silicates, lead, wood, insulation and dirt. From there, dust continues to pile up from sawing lumber, sanding drywall and cutting tile, countertops and flooring. 

Starting to cough from all that dust yet? 

Let’s rewind.  

Before you sign on the dotted line with a contractor, remember you have the power to demand that dust not create chaos for you and your family during a remodeling project. 

Here are three things you need to ask a contractor about dust during a remodeling project: 

  1. How much dust will the project generate? As noted, all projects produce dust throughout the process. You need to know the degree of dust that will be produced. 

  1. How will the contractor preserve your home’s livability? You’re not alone in worrying about this – about 90 percent of homeowners stay in their homes during projects. The best contractors will have a dust control plan that includes the latest technology and best practices. No plan? No deal. 

  1. How will the contractor make the plan work? A tip: A simple box fan, sheets of plastic paper and a vacuum cleaner won’t cut it. Not at your house. To really control dust, a contractor needs to use tools such as the BuildClean Dust Control System to virtually eliminate remodeling dust. 

The good news is that contractors have a solution to the pervasive problem of dust – a plan that includes BuildClean, made for ensuring home livability during remodeling projects.